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  • One-push emergency button
  • Waterproof Safety Watch
  • Medication Reminders
  • Daily Activity Sharing
  • Step Counting
  • Family Alerts

Lively, now with emergency response

Lively gives family members insight when a loved one may need their help. And with Lively’s new stylish and easy-to-use safety watch, 24/7 emergency response is just a single button push away. With its simple design, anyone can use it — and stay safer from falls and emergencies.

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Includes "LivelyGram" our family members connection

Get 24/7 help when it’s needed

Once the safety watch’s button is pushed, a 24/7 live operator will attempt to reach the user by phone to confirm emergency services are needed — and we can call up to 3 emergency contacts before emergency services are dispatched. We’ll even stay on the line until help arrives.

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Protection at home and
in the yard—or on the go

Lively’s safety watch provides protection around the home, with a range of up to 1500 feet. Use a smartphone? You'll be able to pair it for away from the home use, too (Android support coming soon).

Designed to fit one's life better

Lively's stylish safety watch goes beyond typical emergency response products by providing intelligent medication reminders, daily step counting and more.

Versatile to match your style

Our safety watch pairs with any look. Up to 10 different color combinations to match your style (available soon). Or, switch Lively's comfortable watch band with any standard one you love to use instead.

Lively in-home activity sensors share daily routine patterns

Lively's passive activity sensors measure healthy living patterns while letting family members know when something may be wrong, like missed meals or decreased physical activity. The Lively dashboard can be viewed anywhere with notifications sent by email, text or mobile app.

Smart doesn’t have to be complicated

We designed Lively so anyone can use it. No computer skills are needed. Updates are automatic. And loved ones can set it up remotely if they live far away.

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Designed with the whole family in mind

For independent older adults

Staying safe shouldn’t cramp a person’s style—or dignity

Know your loved one is safe—and prevent emergencies from happening

Finally, you can let go of your day-to-day worry and be tuned into your elder loved one's
daily living patterns to notice the first signs of change before a bigger problem arises.

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Button signal range via a cellular connection may vary due to differing factors, which could result in the inability to place an emergency call or automatically detect a fall. Forthcoming fall detection does not detect 100% of falls. If able, users should always push their button when they need help, or call 911 directly. Waterproof watch is designed for use in the shower and bath; can be submerged up to 6 inches. Not intended for swimming use.

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